Input Sought on Home Visiting Grant Priorities

Florida MIECHV is planning to submit an application for the recently announced HRSA MIECHV Competitive Grant  and is seeking input on needs and priorities. This is a competitive process with all currently funded state MIECHV programs, as well as the four non-profit entities and tribal grantees, eligible to apply.  Thirty-five grants are expected to be awarded for a two and a half year funding period. The grant application is due October 17th.

The grant can be used to establish additional local implementation sites in unserved high-need communities.  There are currently 15 high-need counties or subcounty areas which would be priority for implementation of one of the three evidence-based home visiting programs in Florida (NFP, HFF, PAT).  Any funding received would be distributed by Florida MIECHV through a competitive  RFP process.

Additionally, state applicants can seek funding to address one or more of eight identified programmatic areas of emphasis. These areas of emphasis address innovative activities or enhancements that could impact outcomes across models and the entire 0-5 serving sector, with a particular emphasis on home visiting.

We are seeking input to determine the programmatic areas of emphasis that should be included in the grant application.  To provide input, please complete this survey by Friday, September 19th: