Data Quality Group: Improving the Data!

The FL MIECHV Data Quality (DQ) Group has made significant progress in identifying and addressing barriers to achieving high quality data needed for case management, program evaluation, and reporting. Site representatives completed a simple needs assessment by surveying their teams. Common issues were identified across programs and tackled first; addressing needs specific to individual sites and program models is ongoing in the DQ Group subcommittees.Aug newsletter Data These subcommittees—one for each MIECHV program model (HFA, NFP, and PAT)—have meet regularly to discuss these issues and potential solutions.

A major finding from the DQ needs assessment is that all sites experience challenges meeting the required number of home visits with some families from time to time. When home visits aren’t completed, program impact is weakened and comprehensive data collection isn’t possible. To help address this common challenge, the Ounce of Prevention of Florida will offer training on effective strategies for completing home visits with families who cancel frequently. Look out for this upcoming opportunity! For more information about the DQ Group, contact Virginia Holland, FL MIECHV Data Manager.