Florida MIECHV is committed to the principles of continuous quality improvement (CQI) and supports efforts at both the state and community-level to improve the effectiveness of the support and services provided to families with young children. These principles include:

  • A focus on improving services from the participant’s perspective,
  • Recognition that front-line staff are process experts,
  • Meaningful engagement at all levels is required for success,
  • All processes can be improved, even if they are not “broken,”
  • Continual learning is key to improving practice and service delivery, and,
  • The goal of CQI is improvement, not blame.

CQI efforts are led by a state team that includes representatives from each of the local implementation sites, model developers, partner organizations and content experts. The mission of the state MIECHV CQI team is to:

Create a culture of quality using data to improve home visiting services and programs for Florida families and communities.

FL MIECHV FY17 CQI Plan Update FINAL 10-31-17

IPV Learning Collaborative

The team and local MIECHV-funded home visiting programs completed a 10-month Intimate Partner Violence Learning Collaborative focused on improving screening rates, completion of safety plans, and linkage to expert services in the community using the Breakthrough Series Model. This collaborative involved three learning sessions, periodic webinars on specific IPV topics, and program implementation of CQI methods to test program improvements.

As a state, there were improvements in all three measurement areas and all of the goals set for the collaborative were exceeded. In addition to the data collected, home visitors’ system awareness and knowledge was tested before beginning the collaborative session and again after the second collaborative session. At baseline the levels of confidence, system awareness, and knowledge of IPV service delivery varied among participants. Following the second learning session, there was an overall increase in confidence and system awareness of home visitors. Highest increases were noted for home visitors’ level of preparedness to serve families affected by IPV; their confidence in knowing how to act when a client discloses IPV experience; their confidence in screening participants; their awareness of the name of a staff person at the local domestic violence center who they could reach out to for help; and knowledge on notifying an IPV survivor prior to making a child abuse report.

Florida MIECHV IPV Learning Collaborative Charter FINAL

Florida MIECHV IPV Learning Collaborative Orientation Packet

IPV Driver Diagram and Change Package_8-3-15

CQI IPV Final Evaluation Report


Current CQI Activities

Florida’s Supporting Child Development Learning Collaborative launched in February 2017. Local MIECHV-funded home visiting programs, with the support of state-level staff, will focus their improvement efforts on developmental screening, surveillance, and referrals through February 2018. The results of the learning collaborative will be shared upon its completion.

Supporting Child Development CHARTER_Final

Supporting Child Development Learning Collaborative_Orientation Packet

SCD Draft Driver Diagram and Change Package FINAL

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