Advisory Council

Florida MIECHV is working to organize a statewide Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Primary Prevention (MIECPP) Advisory Council to promote, support and foster a coordinated service delivery system for vulnerable families at the state and community-levels. Multi-agency, multi-level collaboration, as well as public-private partnerships, are critical to maximizing the effectiveness and impact of home and community-based primary prevention services.

The MIECPP Advisory Council will:

  • Advise state policymakers on the development and implementation of policies that ensure the coordination and effectiveness of home and community-based primary prevention services at the state and local level.
  • Promote evidence-based home and community support programs as a key component of a high quality comprehensive statewide early childhood system of care.
  • Link home and community-based programs that promoting optimal child health and development, child safety and school readiness to promote the development of effective local systems of care.
  • Strengthen mechanisms for interagency and cross program collaboration.
  • Coordinate planning among state agencies to promote a continuum of integrated, comprehensive services for children through the adoption of common benchmarks, metrics and shared data.
  • Promote coordination of home and community based primary prevention and related services through a centralized  intake system at the community –level using the Healthy Start prenatal and infant screen.
  • Prioritize the funding and delivery of additional services in high-need communities identified in the MIECHV State plan developed by DOH and DCF.
  • Support the adoption of core competencies for home visitors and other child-serving agency staff and facilitate inter-agency training around these core competencies.
  • Make recommendations to improve the continuum of services and eliminate duplication.

The MIECPP Advisory Council will include representatives from voluntary statewide associations representing organizations serving families at the community-level, as well as key state agencies and government programs. Watch this site for more news on the advisory council in 2014.